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Our Machines

Large format

Excellent surface finish

Opaque or transparent

Plastic or metal

Design & Build

3D scanning

Reverse engineering

Concept Development



 3D Printing 

Your 3D Printing Company


Strip & ship

Sanding & blasting

Priming & painting

Translucent dying

Removing the Stress From the Process

 First off, don't sweat it! We understand how 3D printing can lead to an array of questions. What material should I use? What printing method is best for me? What do I need to make a 3D printed part? Well the good news is we are here to help! Allow our team to guide you through the process and give you advice personalized to your specific project needs.  

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How to Get Started

Tell us about your project! Are your files ready for print or do you need help getting there? Regardless of the stage you're at we are here to help. Send us an e-mail to info@customprototypes.ca for advice and an immediate quote on your project!