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Will it Fly? World's First Fully 3D Printed Airframe

3D Printed Airplane

Solidworks Airplane

3D printing has become a hobbyist’s best friend when it comes down to creating custom parts for models. This thriving technology has allowed users to print larger pieces in higher detail with a variety of material options. When you put all three together you get a great platform to create almost anything. We wanted to test this by 3D printing a fully functional RC model airplane, we called it the 3D Sprinter.

Most RC vehicles are built with many parts and components that require tools and assembly to build. We wanted to eliminate some of these principles and create a minimal solution.

Our team began mocking up ideas which eventually lead to the design of the 3D Sprinter, a fully 3D printed airframe with built in hinged rudders. The hinges were designed and printed in a way that allowed them to function without the need for any axles or shafts.

We drafted the aircraft using Solidworks CAD software. Once the design was finished and the files were prepared we began to start printing.

3D Printing Airplane

The airplane was printed using a SLA material for its strength and flexibility. After the model done it was then sanded, primed and painted. Finally we installed the motor and propeller for the completion of the 3D Sprinter.

A test flight is set to happen soon, stay tuned for an update, fingers crossed!

3D Airplane Model

Airplane 3D Printed

3D Printed Airplane
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