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Record high traffic through Custom Prototype's front door, could their prices simply be too low?

Due to Custom Prototypes cheap 3D printing services, we have been experiencing a lot of increased traffic to our studio. While most of our traffic is handled through phone calls, e-mails or meetings, sometimes the traffic comes right through the front door (without even leaving their vehicle).

The word on the street has somehow spread that our overnight 3D printing services have now expanded to a fully functional drive thru service. We want to stress that this is not the case and although we are happy to tackle rushed projects, we still prefer that parking remains on the streets (not inside the building beside our reception desk).

This Thursday a lady wanted to see if the outside of our building was as strong as the 3D printed parts we produce on the inside. The experiment was done by conducting a three point turn starting from our parking lot outside. For the first point the lady proceeded to reverse backwards out of her parking spot directly into a hydro pole. Now that the first point was a successful hit, it was time to complete the second point, only this time with a little more gas (vroom vroom). She then drove the vehicle right through the glass door which unmounted the door and shattered the glass (another successful hit) .Unfortunately this was the end to her three point turn as the vehicle was no longer in driveable condition.

Will Custom Prototypes 3D print her a new bumper or door? Follow our blog for insider updates on current events.

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