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Enabling Mobility with a Motorized Wheelchair Conversion

Motorized Wheelchair Conversion

In recent weeks we had the pleasure of working with Junior Filipe, a local Toronto resident to try and help come up with a solution for his manual wheelchair.

The challenge was to find a way for him to easily connect and disconnect to his scooter giving him the ability to be fully motorized.

Motorized Wheel Chair Conversion Bracket

The solution was to fabricate a custom bracket that acts as a channel for his wheelchair to slide down and lock into. Now by simply leaning back and directing himself forward the wheelchair and the scooter can become one.

The scooter is a Weped Pro which retails for about $6,000 USD. This serious piece of machinery can go from 0-40km/hr in about 3 seconds with a top speed of 75km/hr (not recommended). Also equipped is a 27.5amp battery allowing the scooter to go roughly 130km on each charge.

Scooter and wheelchair hybrid

Working with Junior was a pleasure and we hope this truly enhances his experience while making it a little more fun when trying to get around town.

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