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Adding a twist to our Christmas cards this year (Fully 3D printed Christmas tree ornaments)


Every year we at Custom Prototype`s have our own little Santa’s workshop as we follow our tradition of creating custom 3D printed Christmas cards for our clients.

This year we discovered something new that we decided to test on our 3D printers. After a lot of trial and error we found a way to 3D print hair like structures without support.

We then began to brainstorm ideas on how to implement this into a Christmas card and thats where we came up with the idea for a Christmas tree ornament.

We designed and created the tree in Solidworks CAD and then had it printed on an angle in our SLA 3D printers. This angle was key to allowing the pine needle of the tree to print vertically without the use of support.



Once the trees were done printing they were then dyed green and hand painted using various aersol paints.


Custom tree ornament using SLA 3D printing services

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