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This season, let not Covid-19 stop you from enjoying Golf!

(Golf cart passenger divider)

Covid-19 has changed our way of living and so our way of playing but this spring, let this viral outbreak not stop us from living to the fullest. This season, we retain our focus on Golf and why not? Golf is one of the top ten sports played in Canada.

To ensure the safety of golfers Custom Prototypes have started making Golf cart dividers. The custom barrier supports physical distancing by acting as a shield in between passenger and the driver.

The golf cart passenger separator is fully customizable, it can be installed and unassembled with ease and is formed out of superior clear plastic. So, let us go out and play, play hard and play safe!

(Assembling and installation instructions)

To know more about our Golf cart divider or to place an order please email us at or call 416-955-0857.

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