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As fascinating as it is to build prototypes and watching our clients grow and reach the skies, we sometimes are left perplexed to see the businesses in question with who we have amalgamated to create their first prototype. This time, to our surprise it was Mr. Trump pointing finger at Dominion Voting for their voting system which was born as a prototype at Custom Prototypes.

Dominion Voting system

It was just a few days back when Republican president Donald Trump’s unsupported asseveration of millions of votes for him being deleted and ballots flipped in favor of Joe Biden. The shot is aimed at a reputable Canadian company, Dominion Voting for committing political fraudulence conspired to help Joe Biden steal the votes. As Melo-dramatic as it could get Trump has tweeted about Dominion Voting eight times since the election.

Trump bashes Dominion Voting in a twitter post “IT SAYS IT ALL! Elections Canada does not use Dominion voting. we use paper ballots counted by hand in front of scrutineers and have never used voting machines or electronic tabulators to count votes in our 100-year history.”

As desperate as the Republican president can get, he tweets three more video clips claiming the election to be poached and the tweets were immediately labelled “disputed” by Twitter.

In an answer to these assertions Dominion Voting conclusively repudiates the accusations. As per the joint statement from Elections infrastructure Government Coordinating council and department of homeland security’s cybersecurity and infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), no evidence has been found whatsoever implying deleted or lost votes or any compromise in the voting process.

In the support of this mission a Senior official of Department of homeland security in a November 12 press release stated “2020 general election was the most secure in American History.”

Dominion Voting refuted all the assertions and proved all the allegations against them baseless with the support received from Edison Research, CISA, U.S. Army, Georgia Secretary of state and they have one vote from Custom Prototypes as we proudly stand by them as the first Prototype builder of their Voting system and we stand by the fact that this system is hackproof!

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