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When 3D Printing & Art Collide - An Interesting Spin to a Famous Painting

3D Printed Art

Since 1994, Van Gogh Studio in Amsterdam has been creating beautiful oil painting reproductions of Van Gogh's iconic work. Their team of artists have mastered the style and unique painting techniques of Van Gogh and currently distributes over 89 authentic reproductions all across the world.

Custom Prototypes has recently collaborated with Van Gogh Studio to bring a new dimension to a familiar piece of art. We wanted to see what happens when 3D design collides with art by taking a new approach to the traditional 'paint canvas'.

To do so we began by creating a 3D file of Van Gogh's 'Self-portrait with Grey Felt Hat'. We then had it 3D printed in SLA at our shop in Toronto and then shipped to the studio in Amsterdam for painting. The result was a truly astonishing piece of work that captured the authenticity of the original painting with the unique effect of depth from modern 3D printing.

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